St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Ballinasloe

Sts Patrick and Rose of Lima (B) (1925)

1925:   Number of Windows (Total): 1

Sts Patrick and Rose of Lima
In June 1924 Harry designed a mural of Our Lady, St. John and two angels attending the trinity for the chancel arch in St. Michael’s church, Ballinasloe. In 1925 Harry designed a two-light window for the same church. The window depicts Sts Patrick and Rose of Lima (Bowe: 1994). The top panel of the Saint Rose light depicts two saints with emerald wings and golden hair. Rose, the first saint from the Americas, was renowned for her beauty but the attention she received distressed her so she cut off her hair and disfigured her face. The saint is depicted wearing a simple white habit of the Dominican order and a blue sash. The lower panel depicts Saint Rose holding her hands over a fire. Saint Rose disfigured and hurt herself to do penance.  
St. Michael’s Catholic Church
The top panels of the Saint Patrick light depict two disciples in white robes surrounded by petals. Saint Patrick is depicted wearing a blue mitre and an emerald, blue and gold chasuble, over magenta, purple and ivory robes. The lower panel depicts Saint Patrick preaching to a group of disciples.     [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="19" gal_title="baillinasloe"]




Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales Irish Images Books - Text © by Lucy Costigan, Bowe, N. Gordon, The Life and Work of Harry Clarke, Irish Academic Press, 1994.