Saint Vincent de Paul Church

Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

St. Vincent De Paul in Bayonne, New Jersey, is the only American church that has stained glass windows by Harry Clarke. According to Treffinger (March 26th 2000), Harry was commissioned by Father Joseph F. Dolan in the late 1920s to design forty windows for the Bayonne church. Fr. Dolan, who was Irish, wanted Harry to take up the commission because he admired his work. When Harry died in January 1931, the Harry Clarke Studios continued to work on the commission until it was completed in the 1940s. By early October 1928 Harry had completed designs and colour schemes for the nine chancel windows. The nine windows depicting angels were exhibited at the Studios before being despatched to New Jersey on October 3rd 1929. The windows depict nine angels, each holding a symbol of the mass.  

Angel with Stole


Angel with Cross

Angel with Thurible

Angel with Wine and Watery 

Angel with Chasuble


Angel with Maniple

Angel with Candle

Angel with Ciborium

Angel with Book


Angel with Ciborium


Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales Irish Images Books - Text © by Lucy Costigan. Harry Clarke Studios Collection, Trinity College Archives, TCD MS 6000 No. 163, Letter from Harry Clarke to Messrs. Maginnis and Walsh of Boston, architects