Saints Doulaigh and Columcille (A)

Chapel of the Novitiate of the Oblate Fathers of St. Mary Immaculate (Belcamp, Dublin) (This Church is NOT open to the public from 2009)

1925 : Number of Lights in each Window: 2 : Saints Doulaigh and Columcille (A)

The first set of windows on the south wall depict Saint Duilaigh, also know as Douleach, and Saint Columcille. St. Doulaigh lived around 600AD as a hermit. He is depicted wearing a patchwork robe of abstract designs and many colours, including crimson, pink, purple, silver and blue. The lower panel depicts the saint, attired in simple gray robes, praying in his cell at the tomb of his predecessor. The lower right border is inscribed: Naomh Dúileach. The sixth century missionary monk, saint Columcille, also known as Columba, is depicted in the second light. He is depicted wearing a magnificent wine and purple robe, decorated with gold brocade. The lower panel depicts the saint standing at the helm of a small boat while two monks row out to sea. This represents the saint’s journey to Iona where he founded a monastery. The lower right border is inscribed: Colmcille.   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="44" gal_title="belcamp-saints-doulaigh-columcille"]      




Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales Irish Images Books - Text © by Lucy Costigan. Connellan, C., O.M.I, Story of the Belcamp Chapel Windows: Masterpieces of Stained Clarke by Harry Clarke, Leaflet from Belcamp, Dublin 17