Saints Brigid and Dympna (A)

Chapel of the Novitiate of the Oblate Fathers of St. Mary Immaculate (Belcamp, Dublin) (This Church is NOT open to the public from 2009)

1925 : Number of Lights in each Window: 2 : Saints Brigid and Dympna (A)

The second set of windows depict saints Brigid and Dympna. Saint Brigid is dressed in a long blue and emerald robe and wears a large golden cross. In the lower panel the saint is depicted with two of her disciples healing a group of sick and impoverished peasants. The lower right border is inscribed: Naomh Brigid. In the second light Saint Dympna, also known as Damhnait, is depicted wearing a dazzling green robe and a blue cloak. Dympna was born in County Monaghan and was renowned for her beauty. When her mother died, her father, an Irish King, is reputed to have gone mad with grief and to have wanted Dympna to replace his wife. The lower panel depicts Dympna’s father wiping the sword after beheading Dympna and her confessor at Gheel, in Belgium (Connellan: Story of the Belcamp Chapel Windows). The lower right border is inscribed: Naomh Damhnait.   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="42" gal_title="belcamp-Saint_ brigid_ dympna"]      




Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales Irish Images Books - Text © by Lucy Costigan. Connellan, C., O.M.I, Story of the Belcamp Chapel Windows: Masterpieces of Stained Clarke by Harry Clarke, Leaflet from Belcamp, Dublin 17  

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