From  EM on Amazon :  12th Nov 2019

"Another stunning book about the beautiful works of Harry Clarke, with loads of photos showing the minute details of the stained glass. Although I have seen many of his works, the lighting conditions and distance from the widows was not always optimal to see the detail properly, so I can indulge my admiration for this wonderful artist from the comfort of home. It won't stop me visiting more windows, of course. I admit a slight obsession!"


130th anniversary of Harry Clarke’s birth

From  The Gloss, The Best Gifts For Art Lovers This Christmas, Penny McCormick

A sumptuously illustrated follow-up to Strangest Genius, this new book, Dark Beauty, coincides with the 130th anniversary of Harry Clarke’s birth. Clarke’s brilliance as a graphic artist is clearly visible in the book illustrations which he applied to his stained glass masterpieces. The book features 500 images and windows in Ireland, England, America and Australia which inspires readers to visit Clarke’s work from the armchair. Dark Beauty, Hidden Detail in Harry Clarke’s Stained Glass, Lucy Costigan and Michael Cullen, Merrion Press.


“Beautiful new book”

From  Martin Comerford on Amazon :  29th Oct 2019

"I originally bought ‘Strangest Genius’ in 2010 and found it to be a really well organised book with beautiful depictions of all of Harry Clarke’s work. I just had to buy the sequel then by Costigan and Cullen, ‘Dark Beauty’. White SG is a catalogue of Clarke’s entire work, DB offers a more in-depth account of the content of his windows, with a special emphasis on the many exquisite details. The full page and double page photos of some of his lower panels and backgrounds are simply magnificent. The book also offers new interpretations of some of Clarke’swindows and is a really enjoyable read. Overall, this is a really beautiful book that would enhance any library and would be a lovely gift for any art or book lover."