Sts Louis, Castletownsend, Co. Cork

Sts Louis IX, King of France, and Martin of Tours

St. Barrahane’s Church of Ireland, Castletownsend,  Co. Cork (MAPNumber of Windows in Castletownsend: 3 :  Number of Lights in this Window: 3 Date 1926

Sts Louis IX and Martin of Tours
Sts Louis IX and Martin of Tours

The two-light window depicting Saint Louis IX, King of France, and Saint Martin of Tours is positioned on the south side of the church. It was commissioned in memory of Colonel Kendall Coghill, C.B., a veteran of the Indian Mutiny. Harry completed the window in 1921.

The first light depicts St. Louis who was an ancestor of Colonel Coghill. The figures above his head represent the poor who he often fed at his table. The first of the tracery lights depicts a ship in which King Louis sailed to the east to fight the infidels. The second and third tracery lights depict two angels who offer protection to both saints.

The fourth tracery light shows St. Martin’s flaming sword, denoting his patronage of soldiers, and the letters SM (Castlehaven parish).

The second light depicts the meeting between Saint Martin of Tours and a beggar who asks him for clothing. St. Martin is attired in soldier’s garb. The window is signed in the right border of the lower panel of the second light: Harry Clarke 1921.



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Castlehaven Parish, County Cork, Church of St. Barrahane