St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Church, Old Elvet, Durham

Sts Cuthbert, Bede, William of York and Blessed Thomas Percy

St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Church,  Old Elvet, Durham, England. (MapNumber of Windows: 1 Number of Lights in this Window 2 Date 1930/1 Web Site

Sts Cuthbert, Bede, William of York and Blessed Thomas Percy

The parishioners of St. Cuthbert’s church subscribed to the window in memory of Canon William Brown, who served the congregation from in 1874 to 1924. The window was installed in 1931. The saints depicted in the first light are Saints William of York and Saint Bede. The saints depicted in the second light are Saints Cuthbert and Blessed Thomas Percy. The top panel of the first light depicts an angel in robes of purple, gold and green, encircled in an amber halo and emerald wings. The main panels depict Saint William of York, archbishop of York in the eleventh century. He is attired in crimson and wine vestments trimmed with gold, and a red and gold mitre. Below, King Stephen of England is depicted, a relative and admirer of the saint. Below, Saint William is depicted in purple and magenta robes with a spear piercing his head, denoting his murder. The lower panel depicts Saint Bede, an eighth century monk, holding a pen and the Book of the Gospels that he translated into Anglo-Saxon. He is depicted wearing purple and grey robes. The top panel of the second light depicts an angel in magenta and blue robes, with golden wings and a white halo. Saint Cuthbert, the seventh century bishop of Lindisfarne, is depicted holding the head of Saint Oswald, King of Northumbria, who was killed at the Maserfield. The lower panel depicts Blessed Thomas Percy, one of the leaders in the rising of the North against the religious changes under Elizabeth I. He refused to renounce his vows was executed at York. The smaller figures in the top section may denote saints and martyrs who gave their lives for their faith.


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