St. Patrick’s Church, Kilmaine, Mayo

The Nativity

St. Patrick's Church, Kilmaine, Mayo, Rep of Ireland - 1926

The Kilmaine window has six tracery lights. The top panels of the three lights depict angels with crimson halos and robes of silver, purple and blue, holding a silver garland entwined with blossoms. The main panels of the first light depict the three wise men who have travelled form the east, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. The main panels of the second light depict the holy family. Joseph stands behind Mary while Mary sits with the baby Jesus on her lap. The main panels of the third light depict three shepherds. The lower panels depict an ornate metal platform surrounded by flowers. (Images will be added soon)      


Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales - Text © by Lucy Costigan