St. Mary’s Church of England, Nantwich

Virgin and Child with St. Cecelia and Richard Coeur de Lion 1923 (3 lights)

 St. Mary’s Church of England, Nantwich, Cheshire, England - Number of Windows: 1, Lights in this Window: 3 

Harry received the commission in January 1919 for a three-light window to commemorate Arthur Knowles of Alvaston Hall in Nantwich. The window was also in memory of his wife, Clare, and his son, Richard, who was killed in World War one.  The window contains three quatrefoil and three trefoil tracery lights.

The top panel of the first light portrays the Saint George red cross. The main panels of the first light depict Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music, in a magnificent gown of crimson, silver and gold. Cecilia is portrayed playing an organ, her eyes cast downwards, entranced. The top panel of the second light depicts a crest containing a white cross on a red background. The main panels portray Mary with the baby Jesus. Mary wears a blue and purple cloak, gown and headdress, trimmed with emerald. Jesus is held in Mary’s arms, attired in a golden robe. The top panel of the third light depicts the crest of a hunting horn on a green background, surrounded by colourful blossoms. Richard Coeur de Lion, King Richard the Lion Heart, is depicted in the main panels holding a golden crucifix. The lower panel is decorated with colourful blossoms. The Knowles coat of arms is positioned at the lower right corner. Photos by Michael Cullen (for prints/sales Text by Lucy Costigan.