National Gallery of Ireland The Mother of Sorrows

The Mother of Sorrows

National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square, Dublin City, Rep of Ireland ,  Window: 1 Lights 3 :  1926

The Mother of Sorrows was made as a Memorial to Sister Superior of Saint Wilfrid, Principal of Dowanhill Training College, Glasgow. Following the success of Harry’s window, The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin, for the convent chapel at Dowanhill in Glasgow in 1922, the superior, Sister Wilfrid, ordered a further war memorial window to commemorate the victims of the First World War. The Mother of Sorrows was commissioned by Sister Wilfrid in 1926, based on the pieta (Bowe, in Christie’s website, Lot 86, The Irish Sale, May 17th 2002). Due to Sister Wilfrid's sudden death the window was erected in Glasgow on 24 January 1927 and became her memorial. (Bowe, in Christie’s website, Lot 86, The Irish Sale, May 17th 2002). The window was purchased from the sisters at the training college in Beardson, Glasgow, at Christie's of King Street, London on Friday, May 17, 2002. The first light depicts two angels praying. Below, Saint Francis of Assisi is depicted in a brown habit and bare feet. The top panel of second light depicts two angels with purple and magenta wings and golden halos. In the main panels, Mary is depicted in royal blue robes, headdress and cloak. She holds her dead son in her arms. The top panel of the third light depicts two angels. Below, Saint Catherine of Genoa, a fifteenth century devotee of Jesus, is depicted in magnificent robes of magenta, purple, ruby and gold with emerald sleeves.


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