Our Lady’s Hospice

The Sacred Heart, St. Joseph and Our Lady (B)

Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross,  Dublin 6,  Rep of Ireland,  Window: 1, Lights 3 :  Date 1928

The Sacred heart, St. Joseph and our Lady

In March 1927 Harry was commissioned to design windows for the Jesuit retreat chapel at Rathfarnham Castle (Bowe: 1994). The windows were completed in 1928. When the Jesuits left Rathfarnham Castle, The Sacred heart, St. Joseph and our Lady window was moved to Our Lady’s Hospice in Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6.

The first light depicts Mary as queen of heaven, holding the baby Jesus in her arms. The lower panels depict two angels, clothed in magenta and purple robes and golden wings. The first angel holds a silver spear, while the second carries a wooden staff.

The top panels of the second light depict six angels with blue and purple wings. Christ stands on a white cloud, resplendent in crimson robes and a magnificent scarlet cloak embroidered with silver floral motifs. Saint Catherine of Sienna, a devotee of Christ, kneels at his feet.

The third light depicts the bearded Saint Joseph in an emerald cape and robes of gold, purple and scarlet trimmed with green. In the lower panels two angels are depicted in purple and blue robes. The first angel holds a lily as a symbol of chastity and the second angel holds a lantern.




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