Chapel of the Noel Family, Exton Park

Blessed Oliver Plunkett and Blessed Thomas More

 Private Church: Chapel of the Noel family Catholic Church, Exton Park, Exton, Rutland, England    Number of Windows: 1 Number of Lights in this Window 2 Date 1926

The Blessed Oliver Plunkett and the Blessed Thomas More window was created by Harry for the family chapel at Exton Park. The window contains three tracery lights: two tiny tracery lights and one pentagon. The background for the two main lights contains floral designs in pastel shades. The top panel of the first light depicts the crest of the Plunkett family. The main panels depict Oliver Plunkett, archbishop of Armagh. He was tried on false charges of treason and hanged at Tyburn in 1681. He was beatified in 1920 and canonised in 1975. The lower panel depicts the saint on a scaffold in a crimson cloak, holding up a crucifix. The top panel of the second light depicts the More family coat of arms. Saint Thomas More was an author, scholar and statesman. He was Lord Chancellor for Henry VIII until he lost favour for refusing to sign the Act of Supremacy, to declare Henry as the supreme head of the Church of England. Thomas More was found guilty of treason and beheaded. He was canonised in 1935. He also wears the Lord Chancellor’s robes of office. The lower panel depicts Saint Thomas More in red robes facing his executioner. A male figure in a green cloak looks on in the background. The executioner stands with head bent, peering down at the axe and the block.


Photos by © Michael Cullen (for prints/sales - Text © by Lucy Costigan