Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin

Church of Ireland, Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

1927     Window: 1

Church of Ireland,Sandford Road, Dublin 6
Church of Ireland,Sandford Road, Dublin 6

The church of the Vincentian Fathers of St. Peters' in Phibsborough has five Harry Clarke windows.

This two-light window was commissioned by Canon Harvey of the Sandford Church of Ireland. It is a memorial to Rector Thomas Good B.D, late incumbent in the parish (The Irish Times: 6th January 1928). Saints Peter and Paul are depicted in this two-light window. 

The window is in the art deco style.
In the first light, St. Paul is depicted as a sturdy figure, resplendent in magnificent robes of orange, gold, brown and rust. He holds a book and a sword, denoting his missionary zeal. The lower panel depicts St. Paul’s spiritual transformation on the road to Damascus. Saul is depicted kneeling on the ground in a landscape of green foliage and colourful blossoms.

The second light depicts St. Peter in decorative robes of purple, red, maroon, magenta and gold, holding the keys of the kingdom. The window’s background contains abstract designs in blue, lilac and green, with floral motifs. The lower panel depicts the gospel story where Peter denied that he knew Jesus three times. Peter is depicted in the act of denying Jesus and, as he does so, the cock in the top left-hand section crows.


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Window 1

St. Peter and St. Paul