Saints Peter & Paul, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

The Visitation

Saints Peter & Paul, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.   Number of Lights 2 ,  Window: 2 :  14 Date 1924

The Visitation
Situated on the south wall is the two-light window, The Visitation, depicting Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elisabeth. In the main panels of the first light Mary is depicted in the full bloom of youth, a slender figure resplendent in robes of royal blue, turquoise and emerald green. The lower panel contains an inset of the holy family. The inscription at the bottom of the panel reads: Pray for the soul of Kathleen Cumiskey who died 25th September 1922 RIP. The right light portrays the older, visibly pregnant Elizabeth. The saint is dressed in a blue gown, a purple robe decorated with golden flowers and a golden headdress. Elisabeth’s husband, Zachary, is depicted behind her right shoulder, gazing directly at he viewer. The lower panel contains an inset of Jesus being baptised by John the Baptist in the presence of two angels.      



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